WooCommerce Speed Optimization


By using lossless compression and incorporating premium plugins like WP Smush Pro, we can compress all of your images for optimal view without losing quality. And if you decide to add images in the future, we’ll automatically compress those for you too.

Minify Javascript
and CSS

No one does it better than an expert. Let our expert team handle all the tedious updates and small fixes on your website when you need them. With this, you can dedicate more time to other important business activities.


Certain files and fonts can impact the load times of images. By moving Javascript/CSS files, Font Awesome, and Google Fonts code to the background, your visitors will enjoy a no-lag experience.

Leverage Browser

Creating a saved regularly updated version of your site will allow visitors to load a fast-loading cached version of your site. This gives your visitors all of your site function without the time of loading your full site.


We are able to minimize load times and maximize the overall speed of your site by enabling compression. Using Gzip, we are able to fully compress data from your server.

Reduce Server
Response Time

Inadequate servers can be the primary cause of a slow website. This is why we offer WooCommerce dedicated VPS hosting with all of our care plans giving you the speed you deserve.

Remove Query

Certain URLs are not cached by proxy-catching servers or CDNS. We optimize your URL to ensure you aren’t missing out on faster speeds.

Optimize Mobile

We optimize your site for the full mobile experience. Visitors to your site will experience the same fonts and navigation from any device.


By combining all of your CSS and Javascript requests and moving them where possible, we are able to reduce the amount of requests your site requires and drastically improve your site’s load time.

Lazy Loading

Using lazy loading frames, we help you save bandwidth use and and increase your load time.

Inline Critical

Rather than pushing everything to the header, we inline only the most important CSS so that your site operates quicker, and less important CSS will load after the page has already been rendered.


By using Content Delivery Networks and copying your site to global servers, your users can access your site from the server closest to them, ensuring quicker speeds.

Leave your WooCommerce headaches for us.

We’ll manage updates, run security checks, take daily backups, do speed optimization, and more!

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