WooCommerce Maintenance You Can Count On, Performance You Can See

An effective website is key to growth and sales conversion. But poor maintenance solutions can limit the impact your website can have. Outdated content, broken links, and slow speeds are just a few of the elements that can create bad user experiences. We offer solutions that help you overcome these limitations so that your website can become the effective tool it was intended to be. WP Autopilot is a service by CoSpark, a platinum WooCommerce development agency. We only take the best of the best, kind of like a dorky version of the Navy Seals. Our team is equipped to provide the fast, effective solutions you need to keep your WooCommerce website running effectively at all times.


Yes we get it, hosting can get complicated. With so many options out there which one do you choose and is it actually the best option for your site? Well this is why all of our plans include dedicated VPS hosting. Kick back and enjoy that cocktail, your website will be super duper fast and stable with us!

Speed Optimization

Slow load times are the spinach in the teeth of website visits. It's the worst first impression you can make. It lowers your Google search rank, and minimizes your engagement opportunity. Through maintenance and performance upgrades, we’ll ensure your site loads quickly every time.

Uptime Monitoring

Your WooCommerce website should be accessible to anyone at any time. But too often, site traffic and other contributors can create lags and crashes. With our monitoring services, we’ll help you keep it up and running and bang the proverbial pots and pan immediately when it isn’t. Our knowledgeable team will help get your site up and running quickly so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Plugin Updates

Plugins are the driving force behind a lot of your WooCommerce performance. And while updating those plugins might seem easy, there are some challenges that come with each new WordPress update. Rather than spending valuable time (and even more precious sanity) trying to correct those updates and keep your site operating at its best, our care plans ensures that updates get applied as soon as they’re needed.

Automated Backups

Using the Amazon S3 server, we provide automated site backups. By executing weekly backups, your website is never lost (if you've ever lost a Word document, this is about 1000 times worse) and the S3 server ensures that those backups remain protected at all times.

Security Checks

The risk of harmful threats and hacking attacks grows each day. What a world we live in... A successful attack can cripple your site performance, limiting your ability to engage your audience and convert sales. With daily security checks, we’ll safeguard your website from attacks, malware, and other security threats.

No more WooCommerce nightmares.

Focus on your business and we’ll handle hosting, manage updates, run security checks, take daily backups, perform speed optimization, and more! 

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