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Hand over your management operations to a team with a vested interest in your success.

Standard Plan
Premium Plan
Custom Plan

Put your store on autopilot with scalable leverage.

Plugin, Theme & Core Updates

We'll keep your site up to date to avoid vulnerabilities that might disrupt your operations.

Manual Site Review After Updates

If you update your site on your own, you might break things. We check every update manually to ensure nothing breaks.

Development & Staging Sites

We run all checks in a separate “sandbox” environment to protect your operations and data.

Every millisecond counts when optimizing your sales.

Overall Optimization

You could be losing sales and customers every time your store loads slowly. Our full optimization will prevent that from happening.

Database Optimization

We'll keep your database fast and secure by removing leftovers and clutter. Don’t worry; everything is backed up.

Custom Code Evaluation

So many businesses degrade in time due to “bad code”. We will evaluate your site’s code to ensure everything is done right.

Keep your orders and customers safe from hackers.

Complete Malware Removal

Your old developer might’ve used vulnerable plugins or code. We’ll remove any viruses that poison your store to protect you and your customers.

Daily Cloud Backups

Who knows what may go wrong? We do. And with daily backups, we can always restore operations if anything breaks along the way.

24/7 Security Monitoring

You are safe, 24/7. We’ll watch your points of vulnerability with extreme vigilance to ensure that nobody puts your operations at risk.

Advanced Firewall Protection

Hackers use automated tools and bots to put pressure on businesses like yours. A firewall protects you from having being subjected to unexpected outages.

Hourly Cloud Backups

Daily backups are great! But what if you need more granular control over your store’s history? Hourly backups help us provide you with an extra safety net.

Realtime WooCommerce Order Backups

A must-have for any high volume store, real-time order backups ensure you have a live history of all your orders, should any attack attempts happen.
Quick Responses

Dedicated team ready for all of your questions and requests.

Project Management App

You’ll have access to our team within a dedicated project management app on your phone.

Phone Support

You’ll have a direct phone access with our team if you ever need reassurance or information about your operations.

Chat Support

We’re available on live chat for any quick questions you may have.

Priority Support

We handle WooCommerce stores worldwide, but with our Priority Support, you’ll always get the fastest response times from us.

Direct Message via Slack

An extra layer of communication should you prefer to stay in touch with us on Slack.

Managed dedicated VPS cloud hosting by an award winning team.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Powered by High Frequency CPU Servers

Secured Migration to WP Autopilot

Content Delivery Network

Have your images loaded from your customers’ closest servers, improving load speeds and reducing server usage.

Storage (SSD)

Plenty of space to store all your data. Should you need more, just ask!

160 GB

320 GB


Virtual Processors (vCPU)

4 vCPU

6 vCPU


Memory (RAM)