Simply put, if you’re not happy with our service, we’ll refund you fully within 30 days. No questions asked! Keep in mind you will need to migrate the site back to your own hosting provider of choice.

While there are many great WordPress maintenance companies out there, we take it one step further by focusing on WooCommerce. We pride ourselves at doing things a little better than our competitors by prioritizing our clients through a variety of built-in features, support, and options.

Our Customers Love Us! 

Everything we do begins and ends with our clients. Your satisfaction is our number one goal, and it is why we have such great performance feedback and reviews from the clients we have had the privilege of serving.

Once you’ve selected the plan that works best for your needs, we’ll send you a welcome email inviting you to our client portal. The portal will include all of the steps you’ll need to securely send us your existing login credentials. After we’ve received access to your WordPress dashboard and host, we’ll have your updated site plan implemented within 48 hours.

Speed enhancements might take up to a week, as they require careful setting updates to your theme, plugins, and core files. Rather than risk your site crashing, we do this incrementally so that your speed is optimized without your site function being impacted.

Each of the plans we offer are specific to each website. We would love to assist you with next-level maintenance and security for as many WordPress sites as you need, but each site will require its own specific plan.

We make all updates on a staging environment before pushing it live. If an update breaks the site, we will let you know and provide you with an estimate to get this fixed correctly.

Most ticket requests are responded to within 24 hours. The majority of single-request tickets are resolved within 48 hours, this depends on the task itself. With Priority Support, we resolve single requests within 12-24 hours, again this also depends on the task weather it’s a simple or complicated one. Multiple request tickets can take slightly longer depending on the request, but fast resolution is one of our core promises.

Security is our absolute priority. We’ll bring premium security to your WordPress and WooCommerce site. With either our Standard or Premium Plan, your site will be given the optimum protection and coverage it deserves.

We also provide routine security updates to your WordPress dashboard and server as needed. This gives you added coverage, and ensures that the security solution you receive is unique to your site.

To find out more about our site security process, click here.

Absolutely! With all of our plans, we include complete malware removal. We’ll have your site up and running ASAP.

We understand that you might have different needs and expectations for your WooCommerce site and we have experience working with any hosting provider you use. With that in mind, not every host is capable of supporting the speed and functionality you need. That is why we offer Free dedicated hosting with all our plans. With top-tier speeds and security, your site will be able to run at optimum levels this way.

Updates are often released with bugs. By updating weekly, we are able to troubleshoot and eliminate the impact that a buggy update can have on your website. In addition, doing multiple updates at once allows for a smoother process, ensuring your site won’t crash or a lag. We perform updates during non-peak weekend hours because it is the least invasive to your site’s performance. With larger updates, particularly those for WooCommerce, we perform updates more slowly to ensure you do not lose site function.

Of course, we do! If you have any questions just reach out and we can schedule a call to chat.

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage our clients to start with a monthly plan. This gives you the opportunity to see the WP Autopilot difference for yourself. We understand that handing maintenance of your website over to us is a very big deal. A monthly plan gives us the opportunity to establish your trust and relationship…And when you’re ready to take advantage of the discount our yearly plan provides, just let us know!

We do! We offer custom development as a supplement to our plans. Our parent company is AnnexCore, a WooCommerce focused development agency. If you have a larger project and need help outside of what is included in our plans, we can definitely help! 

We do! Each site in a multisite network does require its own plan. We’d love to work with you to manage your multisite network!

Although we think you’ll love the service we provide at WP Autpilot, we understand that you might need to cancel your plan for whatever reason it may be. You may cancel your plan at any time, although we do not provide refunds after 30 days. In the event that you do cancel, we will continue to provide the same level of quality maintenance and service to your website until the end of your subscription period. After this, you will need to have the site migrated to your preferred hosting provider.

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