Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between maintenance and development?

Opting for our WooCommerce maintenance, you gain a dedicated team looking after your daily necessities.

On the other hand, our Care Plans provide WooCommerce support & discounted development hours from our esteemed Cospark engineers, seasoned in creating unique features, tweaking themes, and resolving any visual or functional bugs on your site.

How well do you know Woo and WordPress?

WooCommerce and WordPress are our bread and butter. Our founder has been in the agency business for over a decade, and his teams have been working with some of the largest eCommerce brands in the world. Likewise, WP Autopilot leverages the same resources to deliver unrivaled services to stores like yours.

Are you around 24/7/365 for emergencies?

Sure thing! We're on hand 24/7 to provide top-notch WooCommerce support for your business. We tackle swiftly any hiccups that could slow down your sales. Our dedicated WooCommerce maintenance team is always eager to help.

Is your hosting secure?

Security is our top priority. We use a secure international network of cloud computers that also serves large corporations.

We also perform daily backups and monitor all sites 24/7 for potential threats. Even more, every site we host operates in an isolated software container with all the software resources needed to run the site, making sure each site is completely private.

What if my website receives a large number of visitors? Will your server be able to handle it?

Absolutely, it does! Picture this: high website traffic surges, yet performance doesn't miss a beat - we've seen this firsthand with the sites we host!

Proactive monitoring is our game, and we're always on the ball, ensuring your site never misses its stride. And guess what? If your growing traffic starts to outgrow your plan, we'll tip you off ASAP, giving you the heads-up to level up your plan.

How can I use on-demand development hours?

Virtually any change you crave, we can craft! We're skilled to jazz up your site's look and functionality, sprinkle in some hip, new features, and retire outdated elements - all with the finesse you'd foresee from a cutting-edge developer or top-of-the-line agency.

What is the 30-day money back guarantee?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If our service doesn't put a smile on your face, you'll get every penny back within 30 days - no ifs, and, or buts! Remember, you'll need to scoot your site back to your favorite hosting provider.

What makes WP Autopilot different from the rest?

With a dash of innovation and dedication, we consistently out-rival our opponents by placing YOU at the forefront, packing our services with fantastic features, round-the-clock support, and flexible options.

Our clients don't just like us; they LOVE us!

From sunrise to sunset, you, our clients, are at the heart of every decision. Your satisfaction is the driving force behind the raving reviews and standout performance feedback we shoulder with pride.

How does onboarding work?

After you pick the perfect plan, you're just an email away from an exclusive invitation to our client portal, which holds all the secure steps to share your existing login details with us.

Once we're in and all set with your WordPress dashboard and host, be prepared to see your revamped site blooming to life in just 48 hours! Revving up your site's speed takes a tad more time, about a week or so.

This involves delicate tweaks to your theme, plugins, and core files. But don't fret! We take baby steps to ensure your site's speed is souped up without putting its functioning at stake - because we understand that nobody wants a crashed website!

I have more than one WooCommerce site that needs maintenance. Can WP Autopilot help?

Every website is unique, just like our plans! We're thrilled to take your WordPress sites to new WooCommerce security and maintenance heights.

Regardless of how many sites you have, there's a tailor-made plan ready for each. Simplicity, security, and superior service - our promise to you!

What happens if a plugin or theme update breaks my WooCommerce site?

Before any changes go live, we meticulously test them in a safe staging environment.

If something stalls or trips up your site during a WordPress or WooCommerce update, we won't keep you in the dark - we'll let you know straight away. Plus, we'll swiftly give you a fair estimate to get your WooCommerce site buzzing again.

What is the typical response time and resolution time?

We're aboard the 24-hour response spaceship for most ticket requests. For those single-request tickets? You'll see those solved in an ace 48 hours, though the swiftness of a shooting star can vary depending on the task at hand.

Flash on your booster rockets with our Priority Support! It propels your single requests into resolution within 12-24 hours.

Whether the task is simple or sophisticated, we handle it! More requests? They might take a little longer, but swift resolution is our core promise.

What type of website security does WP Autopilot Provide?

Security is our absolute priority. We pledge top-notch security with our versatile Standard or Premium Plans. Your site gets showered with primo WooCommerce Security, tailored to its needs.

Keeping you up-to-date isn't just an afterthought - it's central to our service. We dish out regular security updates for your WordPress dashboard and server, ramping up your coverage and guaranteeing a security solution that fits like a glove to your unique site.

My WooCommerce site has been hacked. Can WP Autopilot assist me?

Absolutely! With all of our plans, we include complete malware removal. We’ll have your site up and running ASAP.

Does the hosting provide I have matter?

Regardless of your hosting provider, our seasoned experience will speak volumes.

But remember, not all hosts can match your site's need for speed and seamless functionality! This is precisely why every plan we offer comes with free, dedicated WooCommerce hosting.

Expect top-notch speed, WooCommerce security, and optimal performance that sets your site up for success. Because with us, running at anything less than the best just won't cut it!

Why are plugin and theme updates implemented weekly instead of daily?

Fresh from the oven, updates can be a bit buggy. To save your website the itch, we sprinkle our troubleshooting magic every week.

We promise a smoother blend by serving up multiple updates together without a hint of crash or lag. Performing these updates over the tranquil stretch of the weekend, we avoid spicing up your site's performance at peak hours.

When it comes to heavyweight updates like WooCommerce, we make sure your website's functionality doesn't miss a beat.

Does WP Autopilot provide phone support?

Of course, we do! If you have any questions just reach out and we can schedule a call to chat.

Can I start with a monthly plan and upgrade to the yearly plan when I’m ready?

Absolutely! We recommend trying out our monthly plan first. It's the perfect way to discover the game-changing impact of WP Autopilot.

We get it; entrusting your website's maintenance to us is a significant decision. That's why a monthly plan is perfect for building a trusting relationship and rapport.

Once you're ready to dive deeper and enjoy the cost-saving benefits of our annual plan, give us a shout!

Does WP Autopilot offer custom development?

We are a proud division of CoSpark - a leading agency specializing in WooCommerce development.

Working on a grand-scale project? Need assistance beyond our included plans? Don't fret; we're here to offer a helping hand at every step, especially if you are on a Care Plan, which will give you discounted dev hours.

Does WP Autopilot manage WordPress multisite networks?

We do! Each site in a multisite network requires its own plan. We’d love to work with you to manage your multisite network!

Can I cancel my plan at anytime or get a refund?

We're confident you'll be smitten with our top-notch service. Yet, we get it -sometimes things change, and you may need to navigate away. No worries; you can cancel your plan whenever you'd like.

Just a tiny heads-up:

We can only accommodate refunds within the first 30 days. Even if you choose to depart, rest assured we'll keep dishing out the same stellar maintenance and service for your website for the remainder of your subscription period.

Afterward, a swift migration to your chosen hosting provider will be all that's needed. Memories may fade, but excellent service doesn't. With WP Autopilot, you're always in trusted hands!

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