WooCommerce Security

Daily Cloud Backups

We use the cloud storage of the Amazon S3 infrastructure to save your backup every day. This ensures that all your core files and database are remotely stored and accessible with a single click in the event that something goes wrong.

Force Secure Passwords

We ensure that any new user requires safe, strong passwords, and we complete a full audit of all existing admin users to ensure password safety is attained. This eliminates the threat of bot attacks and access.

Daily Malware

We scan your WooCommerce site daily for any malware, potential backdoor access, and malicious coding. Our team immediately repairs any threats detected, keeping your site safe and sound.


We’ll install and SSL certificate and ensure your URL is an https URL. This allows all of your data to be encrypted and gives your visitors the security they want when visiting your site.


SQL injection attacks are common database attacks that can cause great harm. We’ll secure your database from SQL injection attacks and ensure no unwelcome content passes through your database.

Real-Time Monitoring

Because we monitor WooCommerce sites in real-time, we are able to immediately detect and respond to any hacking attempts. By tightening security when needed, we are able to minimize any hacking threats.

Brute Force Protection

By changing your URL to an https URL, forcing strong passwords, and establishing a firewall and automatic IP blocking, we ensure that nobody can force their way onto your site.

Install A

A firewall essentially keeps unwanted traffic away from your site. By implementing effective blocking options, hackers and spammers will not be able to infiltrate.


Using intelligent network blocking, we can prevent traffic from specific locations. Once multiple attempts are made to access your dashboard or files, we will block that IP address from attempting to access again.

Custom Login

We’ll make it harder for bots and hackers to find your login page by changing your WordPress dashboard login.

Blocking Fake Google Crawlers

Did you that some malicious code is smart enough to simulate a real Googlebot and gain access to your site? Our protection coverage is smart enough to know the difference and will help block these types of attacks.

Content Spam Filtering

We’ll keep your dashboard clean by daily removing spam comments. Not only will this make for a cleaner interface, it will also help you maintain optimum speed.

Weekly Plugin and Theme Scan

Weekly scanning your core files, theme, and plugins ensures that the files match the originals in WordPress and keeps the overall design of your site secure.

Daily Database Optimization

We keep your website running at top speed by performing daily maintenance and cleaning of your database.

DNS Change Alerts

DNS changes can cause severe downtime for your website. By daily scanning for any DNS changes, we’ll ensure you never have to experience this downtime.

Manage Inactive Plugins

Outdated plugins can act as backdoors and allow for unwanted access to your site. By performing constant reviews of your existing plugins and removing the ones that are no longer needed, we’ll eliminate these backdoor threats.

Verify Trusted Sources

We check all of your plugins to ensure they come from trusted, verified sources. Everything should be WordPress authenticated, and we’ll make sure it is.


You only want designated people accessing your files. By updating your file permissions, we’ll help you make sure they are.

2-Factor Authentication

Some clients want extra security, and 2-factor authentication offers that. For those clients who do, we’ll implement 2-factor authentication that requires a code sent to your mobile phone.

Authentication Keys

In short, we’ll make it harder to crack your password. By implementing a random set of variables that improve encryption of user-cookies, we make your passwords more secure.

No more WooCommerce nightmares.

Focus on your business and we’ll handle hosting, manage updates, run security checks, take daily backups, perform speed optimization, and more! 

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